Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Did you see it? I did. Twice.

The story of the film is that a swedish journalist (Daniel Craig) has been found guilty of defamation, which in sweden is also a criminal offense.  Spared jail time, he is fined a huge sum and disgraced.  The investigative magazine he runs, called milennium, is left in a precarious position.Then he gets a call.  One of the patriarchs of one of the richest families (Christopher Plummer) in Sweden wants him to come meet him, ostensibly to work on his memoirs. Once there, he finds he is being asked to solve a 40 year old disappearance of a niece of the old man, instead.  So he begins digging and he finds more dirt than you can imagine.Along the way he asks for a research assistant, and one is suggested - she is the girl with the dragon tattoo of the title.  She is a chain smoking, goth looking young girl with an emotionless facade, a motorcycle and a mysterious past. (Ugly girl, if you ask me! I just cannot get the thing with those bleached eyebrows!!!) They work well together and, after becoming somewhat romantically linked, uncover a history you didn't expect and an outcome you probably couldn't have guessed.
The film is smartly made and tightly edited.  There is a level of detail here that is almost too much (that's why I saw it twice, just to make sure I don't miss any important detail - like the sound in Martin's house when he says it's something open or the thing with those plants in frames made by Harriet and her supposed murderer), but it’s paced well and fed to you in digestible spurts. I don't get  why the cat had to dye?!!?
Anyway, you should see it!
Speaking about tattoos...
My tattoo - almost 3 months now- representing a butterfly was made for my father. Today is six months since he's gone. Too early, just like a butterfly who lives for one day. My tattoo contains the initials of the names of the persons I care about.
I like it so much that I would make another one anytime!

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