Saturday, April 21, 2012


I saw The Vow yesterday - about a couple's drama. A car accident washes the last 4 years of their life from her brain. She wakes up and she doesn't remember her husband. I am asking you... if love comes from our heart, how come love disappears when we loose our memory? And if love comes from our brain, why do we get a heartache instead of a headache? At some point we all get a heartache... I prefer the headache!

Finally the Easter is gone! I'm experiencing bad weather - wind or rain or both-, cold hands and feet and a funeral I couldn't face. Too soon... 
I received a kit of face cream and I wanna punch me in the face for trying it! My eyes are burning and weeping! I'm not using it inappropriate but I will when I'll put the cream on my legs after waxing! And it's anti-wrinkles!

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