Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 months

Five months since my dad left us and this world (for a better one - I hope). Time flew by, but nothing changed. I miss him the same. Time didn't manage to change or ease the lost. Every day I keep remembering all the good time I had with dad and I keep sealing these memories in "boxes" in my mind hoping that time won't catch and erase them. I know one day when I'll open those virtual boxes will be empty. Time will erase them slowly one by one. I hope this will happen when I'll be old enough. Just a thought... I don't remember my first ten years of life and other ten (10-20 years old) are foggy. If I'll live another 20 the time I'll be 50 it means these ten years (20 to 30 years) I'm living right now will be forgotten.
One thing I know for sure: no one and nothing can erase my love for my dad. I love you, dad and I'll always be your girl!

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