Friday, February 3, 2012

Hit delete

Isn't it ironic when the more you want to forget something ,the more you'll remember with all the details? And when you want to remember something, for an exam for example... the more you want, the less you'll remember! I wish I had a "delete" button so I can erase things I don't want to remember. It will make a lot of free space in my brain, space needed  for other important stuff. Like kinders brain: a lot of free space and acting like a sponge - every information finds its place there. That's why I like working with children: they learn fast and remember quickly. Paying attention is their big problem - but not for me. After almost 7 years of working with children I've learnt how to make them "all eyes and ears" .
So why don't we have a delete button? Because every time we would hit that button, it won't delete anything. It will just make us remember better the thing we want to delete.
Then, what's the key in forgetting something (except bumping our head or Alzheimer)? I wish I had the answer...

P.S.: Please stop the snow! Enough is enough!

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