Sunday, January 8, 2012

As I promised

Yes, I promised to write something today but I forgot what I wanted to write. As I said , yesterday was me and my father's name day. I used to hate my middle name (that's why few people -close friends and ex classmates- know that I have two names).  My parents wanted so much a son that when I was born as the second daughter they decided to name me after my father. Every year on 7th January we used to celebrate me and my father's name day. We used to have a party and my father was so happy... while I was hiding my middle name.
Nothing will be the same without my father. Yesterday was the first time when 7th January was a sad day and we didn't celebrate. Now I'm proud that I was named after my father.
Anyway... I got some roses...

Today,as the sun was shinning, we took a walk in the park.

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