Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is like being a blonde?

Please pay attention when reading this!
First four weeks after becoming a blonde:
You finally decide to dye your hair and make a radical change of your hair color - from brown/brunette to blonde. You've always thought about how is like being a blonde but you've never had the guts to dye your hair until now.
This is what is like:
The first week:
Your hair looks fantastic! It shines, it is soft, it is ...pure gold! You just wake up in the morning to take a look in the mirror and to admire your hair. And while you do that, you are thinking "Why on Earth didn't I do this earlier???" You have a big smile on your face when lots of guys are turning their heads on the street to admire you. You admire yourself in every glass you meet in your way - you even start to look for mirrors and glasses just to sneak a peek at that blonde girl. You are feeling amazing! That's the kind of feeling the blond hair gives you!
The second week:
You still wake up in the morning and admire yourself and your blonde hair in the mirror. Than you see the black roots. Just a little, but they are  already there. Either way, your hair is still beautiful and still shinning. Being a blonde is fantastic!
The third week:
Those black roots are starting to annoy you when you see them in the mirror. They make your blonde hair look less brighter. You are starting to arrange your hair different, just to cover the black roots. Now there is a pale smile on your face...
The fourth week:
You already hate those black roots and you hate seeing yourself in the mirror. You ask yourself "Why on Earth did you dye your hair like this??? Bad, bad idea!" Now your hair has two colors: black and blonde.
After a few days of real torture you decide to dye your black roots. After, you will have again that amazing feeling of being a blonde girl! And it's like a drug!

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