Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandma's ring

I saw thousands of movies with guys proposing their fiance with grandma's ring. Has grandma such good tastes? Would you accept an old ring, chosen by a woman you don't know (maybe) ? I wouldn't do that. I want my engagement ring to be new, mine and only mine. And I won't give it to a girl. Not even to my (future, possible) daughter. She need a ring that represents her not me!
Oh, when I hear that: "It was my grandma's ring!!" So what? It's old and so is she. I prefer an original ring instead of a valuable one. I chose to make an original wedding band and not buy one already made (don't want to see it on other girl's hand!)
I won't give my jewelery to anyone. I know I'm selfish....but am I really selfish? Think about that!
old jewelery vs. new, personal,modern jewelery
Here is another girl that thinks the same. Thank you!

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