Monday, January 3, 2011

First: Have a great year!

I have no reason to be happy. I chose not to have fun this time.
First of all, after almost two great years and a great work place I found myself jobless. Again! This time hurt so bad because I loved my job! And I enjoyed waking up in the morning, put my make up and going to the office. My office! Now it`s gone forever. (I think I prefer that instead of being someone else`s office!) After three months of homeworking it`s time to brake up with my job. I`m sad and depressed. And I did a lot of shopping which is not good for my budget (but is good for my mental health :) )
Last year I received the perfume that fits me like a glove. It`s Ange ou Demon Tendre by Givenchy. This year I bought it. Now I have the second one. And I`m still in love it it! I`ll probably use it for the rest of my life because I received a lot of compliments every time I used it. It`s a kind of an angel and a devil here :)
I know I was out such a long time and you didn't find new posts here but now I'm back and I promise to write more and often.
My blog is almost 2 years old! Already???
Hope you enjoy your time spent reading my blog!
See you in the next post!
Goodbye my office!

Goodbye, dear colleagues!

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