Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Friday: shoes or how can you have your dream shoes

You saw your dream shoes but you can't buy them for more reasons: too expensive, can't find them in your country, can't find your size and bla bla.
Or you want some shoes that do not exist. Yet. So you can draw them. Or you have a picture with them.
First: find a shoe maker.
Second: show him the drawing/ picture.
Third: ask for the price.
I found a shoe maker. I chose the heel,the colour, the shape. Cheap and fast.My size. In three days my dream shoes are ready. 100% leather. I even can see the transformation from a piece of leather to a super pair of shoes. And they are especially for me.
How cares about the brand when you can have your "to die for" shoes?
Pictures soon!

original picture (Benvenuti shoes)

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