Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A groom's guide to engagement rings

So, fearless man who is getting serious, the time has come for you to pop the question. If you're thinking of going down on one knee and asking her to marry you in the traditional way, you'd better have the engagement ring handy. You'll be surprised to know, however, that much in the way of marriage proposals has changed over the past decades, and in lockstep, so too have the options when it comes to engagement rings. This is a good place to start learning.

While it's becoming more popular for couples to decide to become engaged in an off-hand manner and then venture down to the jeweler to choose the engagement ring together, many women still feel there's something special about wearing a ring that their beau has chosen especially for them. Accordingly, you'll want to make the right choice when it comes to an engagement ring.

Making the Right Choice of Engagement Ring
Before you can even consider looking at rings, you need to find out a few basic things about engagement rings in general, but most importantly, the potential preferences of your girlfriend:

- What is her ring size?
- Does she prefer platinum, yellow or white gold? Do you know?
- Does she prefer simple styles or would she prefer an engagement ring that will be instantly noticed?
- Do you know what kind of cut of stone she prefers?

By studying the kind of jewelery your bride-to-be (yes, that's what she'll become!) generally wears, you can find out a lot about her tastes. If she wears simple jewelery, this may be a sign that a diamond solitaire may be more appropriate than a flashy engagement ring carrying a cluster of gems.

Be aware of any jewelery she admires, especially engagement rings. If she appears to be particularly impressed by a certain ring, make a mental note of the cut and shape of the stone and the color of the gold.

The ring you choose should reflect her personality—she'll be wearing it for a long time, after all.


Jacob S. said...

I would encourage anyone out there shopping for a ring to do your research regarding a diamond and setting before hand. Dont let a sales associate tell you what you should be buying, get informed and then make your purchase.

A great example of this is platinum. While platinum may be marginally more expensive, its for good reason. Its more durable, its hypoallergenic and its naturally white. It ends up being a better investment in the long run due to its superior durability, and its so much more special because few people have platinum.

realwedding said...

Thank you Jacob! I agree with you. Gold is for everyones pocket, but platinum looks amazing on finger. A platinum ring can be wear by generations of women, from grandma to niece. I wish I had grandma with a platinum ring...

dreamwind55 said...

I find interesting and ambitious that you would use English as a communication language. "For everyones pocket" is not an English expression, but a bad translation.
Buying engagement rings with big diamonds is exactly what companies want you to do. This is a new invented tradition Yeah. Let's exploit some more African countries for blood diamonds. And let the groom to be express his feelings in money. It' s soo nice to be a girl in this consumeristic world.

realwedding said...

Comments are free on my blog so I won't delete yours. I could write in French or Spanish or Romanian, but I chose English. No explanation for you! Daca esti roman, atunci stii ce vreau sa spun cu "everyones pocket". Comment ├ža va? Bonne chance!

Mark Feldmann said...

I definitely agree with Jacob. I did my research before buying her an engagement ring and I’m very glad I did. Platinum was the best choice by far. Not only was it what she really wanted, but I knew I was making a solid investment. It looks great on her finger!

bruno roy said...

wow..very informative :)

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