Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diamond Shopping Online

The Benefits of Diamond Shopping Online

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, recent advances in Internet technology have given you the upper hand when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Instead of heading to your local brick-and-mortar store and being dependent on the selection, prices, and advice jewelers are willing to offer you in your location, you can now hop online and reap multiple benefits. These include: price breaks, better selection, and more education on how to value the purchase.

Price Breaks

Shopping online can come with large price breaks because there is no middle man between the diamond supplier and you. Overhead costs which can be substantial for brick-and-mortar stores (like shop rental, lighting, and inventory) are much lower for online stores. Instead of renting square footage to house a small collection of diamond engagement rings, they have the power to offer them virtually from a warehouse of wholesale diamond merchants. Less upfront costs can mean savings for you when it comes time to purchase your diamond ring.

Better Selection

The fact that the diamonds can be offered virtually means that online merchants can offer a better selection. They even can showcase that selection in unusual ways like providing a diamond ring builder that lets you create a custom diamond ring from the stock of loose stones and settings they have displayed on their site. This makes the selection even broader than brick-and-mortar stores and also empowers the buyer to create anything they dare to imagine.

Higher Education

If you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, you may feel a sense of intimidation from sales clerks that are paid on commission to get you to buy the jewelry. While you can ask some questions, most clerks want to sell the jewelry, not talk about it. Online, you can get a much better education regarding your purchase as online retailers are keen on showing buyers why they can get a better deal online. Many have a large, searchable, archive of articles on any facet of the diamond purchase and technicalities that you can think of to ask. It's also available 24/7 for anyone with a computer terminal and Internet connection in their home.

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